i'm a photographer, storyteller, cashew milk ice cream lover,
& a romantic at heart

Meet Chloe

To me, being a photographer is about so much more than taking pretty pictures. It's about capturing those raw quiet moments- the loving glances, the flowing tears, the loud belly laughs, the moments you never want to stop feeling. The moments you want to live in forever. 

I am passionate about creating authentic, ever-lasting captures of people and their memories, and being able to capture a moment in time that cannot be relived.

meet chloe

my favorite things

Next Favorite

Heartfelt Conversations

(Quality time & conversation are my love languages.) 

House Plants

(Although, I'm not great at keeping them alive...)

Handwritten Letters

(The sappier, the better)

My cats, Alton & Finn

(I swear they love me too...)

My family & friends

(AKA my biggest supporters in life)

Exploring new places

(I love roadtrips...)

Cozy-ing up with blankets and eating allll the vegan chocolate 

(...But I also know there's no place like home)