As a wedding photographer myself, I know what qualities I look for in a second shooter and I try my best to always exceed those expectations as a second! 

I come prepared with a full first aid kit in my car, and a wedding emergency kit in my bag with essentials that have saved the day in the past (a nice command hook for the dress, mini sewing kit (with mini scissors!), safety pins, bobby pins, Tide to Go pen & Shout pads, bandaids, blister treatment, a multi tool screwdriver, gaffers tape, Advil / Aleve, etc.)

I always try my best to capture behind the scenes both on my phone (or yours if you prefer!) and in camera.

hire a second shooter that's prepared for everything!

I Travel up to 50 miles Free of charge,  I do ask for the standard irs mileage rate of $0.65 per mile over 50 miles from Groton, MA

Second shooting rate

$65 per hour

Thank you for reaching out! Your contact form has been received successfully. I absolutely can not wait to get to know you better. I will be in touch as soon as possible. 

xoxo - Chloe

(Let's connect on Insta! @chloe.malsick)