Historic Mankin Mansion Richmond, VA Wedding

This picturesque wedding at the Historic Mankin Mansion in Richmond, VA was for sure one to remember! The mansion featured huge vintage mirrors, prodigious chandeliers, luxurious furniture, and exquisite details all over that allowed for fine art, editorial photographs. There were so many beautiful locations on the grounds to photograph in, it was hard to choose a first look location! We decided on a gorgeous section with a brick walkway under a shading tree. The light poured in beautifully, it was beyond dreamy.

Theresa went to high school with a lot of Joeys friends, so she has always known him, it wasn’t until they connected on Tinder one Christmas break that they started dating, and the rest is history!

Theresa’s sister and her took a road trip to Orlando for a Disney Villain After Party. “We had the most amazing time! On our way home, our car broke down and left us stranded in the middle of nowhere South Carolina. Joey got off work, dove down to pick us up and take us home. It was about a 12hr drive round trip. We got home, hung out by the pool, then my family came over and cooked for us. Little did I know, he was planning on proposing! I said yes, especially knowing he was willing to drive all night long to rescue my sister and I.”

Their wedding was full of fun shots with friends and candids. I’ve been experimenting with light trails at ceremonies lately and got some awesome dancing shots that really captured the moment and party vibes. Not only did they do a first look (which I always recommend!) they also did a mock first look, where Joey’s best man dressed in a wedding dress and when Joey turned around expecting to see his future wife, he saw his best friend in a wedding dress instead, and he cracked up. It definitely lightened the mood and made for some fun photos.