Gibbet Hill Engagement Session

Back in January, before I had ever even been to a wedding as an adult, Kayla reached out to me inquiring about wedding photography. Even though I didn’t even have a wedding portfolio to show her at the time, she liked my portrait work and booked me to shoot her engagement photos. 

Since then, I’ve second shot almost 20 weddings, and booked some of my own too for 2019. But I’ll never forget how Kayla believed in me when I didn’t. From the very first time I Instagram-stalked her, I knew we’d get along. (Fun fact- all three us are dog people… that ended up with a cat.) 

But back to what this blog is really about: their love for each other. Kayla and Nat were high school sweethearts, they started dating when they were sixteen (!!) and will soon be celebrating their 10 year anniversary! And if that’s not proof of how strong their marriage will be, I don’t know what is! High school sweetheart weddings are always my favorite because they usually have the same friend group and it really just feels like they’re family! Even throughout all the life changes and experiences that happen in high school, they faced those challenges together and stood by one another. 

We decided to do the shoot at their wedding venue, Gibbet Hill, right in my home town of Groton, MA. I may or may not have been out of breath when we got to the top, but the views are always so worth it. Kayla and Nat grew up here in Massachusetts but currently live in Wisconsin, where Nat is going to school to get his PhD, and by their descriptions of the scenery there, I don’t think I’d like it there… (sorry Wisconsinites- I love my ocean and mountains!) 

Here are some of my favorites from our session!

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