Groton, MA Sunset Engagement Session

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect New England fall day. After weeks of rain, this day was like the rainbow after a storm, bright and colorful and stunning. (& warm!) The kind of day that you just can’t help but think how crazy beautiful this world is. I *may* have yelled excitedly WAIT STOP because the lighting was just too perfect, it was like the sun was dripping onto them, enveloping them, and staining the tips of the trees in a vibrant orange hue. General Field Conservation Area in Groton is always pretty, but this night, it was extraordinary. 

Jackie & Kenny’s engagement session didn’t even feel like work. They were NATURALS. I knew from meeting with them beforehand that they really loved the candid pictures, so I stood back and let them just hang out and be all cuddly and cute and I’m obsessed. I know their wedding day is going to be a breeze because they’re so good at this! Honestly this session just felt like I was taking genuine pictures of them hanging out, and it’s my new goal to have all my sessions feel that way! 

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