Ferncroft Country Club Massachusetts Light & Airy Wedding

What an emotional whirlwind this gorgeous Ferncroft Country Club wedding was in Middleton, Massachusetts! There was so much laughter, joy, and tears. It was so incredibly special to hear Kathryn & Taylor’s story and how much they’ve overcome in these past few years. It’s not often that I fully cry at weddings, but their poignant vows were powerfully moving and ensured there were no dry eyes anywhere. They have faced a lot of hardships together, but it appears to have only made their relationship stronger. These two have such genuine love for each other, you can just see how their eyes light up when they meet.

Kathryn and Taylor are incredibly well-written and typed up an eloquent piece to share their story:

“Taylor and Kathryn met in a leadership class for soon-to-be Resident Assistants at George Mason University.

Kathryn thought Taylor was obnoxiously into it and Taylor couldn’t remember Kathryn’s name. Though the class did not bring them together, their time in that course and then as RA’s over the next few years planted the seeds that ended up blossoming into the loving, patient, and adventurous relationship they have today.

In Fall 2015, Taylor and Kathryn’s friendship grew with the help of mutual friends and they began to care for and trust one another in wavs neither had found or seen before. On November 14th, 2015, several months of flirting and handholding culminated in a first kiss. While Taylor sheepishly leaned in to kiss Kathryn on the cheek, Kathryn took the opportunity to show Taylor that she was ready to explore whatever was happening between them. Kathryn likes to be clear that she, technically, made the first official move.

Taylor knew that they wanted to ask Kathryn the big question after finishing grad school. When they moved to Boston in May 2018, they started to figure out the perfect way to pop the question.

Taylor started in Boston’s Back Bay, where they found the perfect ring at Shreve, Crump, & Low on Newbury St. They went back and visited the park they were planning to propose at, Piers Park in East Boston. When Kathryn first moved to Boston in August 2017, she and Taylor stayed in their friend’s apartment in Eastie, just several blocks from the park.

Taylor and Kathryn stumbled upon the park on their first stroll in Boston. Looking at the beautiful view of the city skyline, moments before Kathryn set on an adventure that Taylor would finally join in just 8 months. Even with the time in between, it was clear that this was going to be home.

Taylor wanted to recreate the feeling of looking forward to forever. They brought Kathryn back to Piers Park, walked to the end of the dock, and finally asked Kathryn the question they’ve been waiting for since day one…and (spoiler alert) she said yes!”

The sweetest story for the sweetest couple!

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